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Today is March 11 and AvePoint released their free tool for SharePoint BLOB Management – download available today!

AvePoint Introduces Free Tool for SharePoint BLOB Management

Technical Advantages of DocAve Extender

Comprehensive Support:

DocAve Extender leverages Microsoft’s BLOB APIs to securely offload Binary Large Objects with full fidelity to tiered storage. No metadata is lost when content is transitioned to file-based storage.

Full-Featured Management of Content:

Content offloaded to file-based storage with DocAve Extender can be managed using all of SharePoint’s management and collaboration tools, including versioning, workflows, and alerts, all as if it was residing directly in SharePoint’s SQL database.

Administrator-defined Rules for Automatic Off-load Based Upon File Size:

Determine what BLOB files are transferred to file-based storage by file size. DocAve Extender will automatically analyze all content attempting upload and transfer it to the appropriate storage resource.

Transfer Content to any Network File Shares, FTP system, or Cloud Storage System:

Offload to any network addressable file share, File Transfer Protocol system, or cloud-based storage system (including Rackspace, Amazon, and Microsoft).

Seamless Integration with SharePoint Search:

All data residing in file-based storage is fully integrated with SharePoint’s native, full text search functionality, as well as all other search tools that leverage the standard SharePoint API.

Comprehensive Support for Custom Metadata and Column Types:

All content transferred to file-based storage via DocAve Extender can be associated with all of SharePoint’s standard and customized metadata fields, and appended with any variety of column types.

Integrated Permissions Management:

Securities and permissions for content residing in file-based storage are fully integrated with SharePoint’s permissions management. Both unique and inherited permissions can be delegated to extended content as if it were residing directly in SharePoint’s SQL database.

Total Interactivity with Client Office Applications and Third-party Tools:

Extended content can be presented and modified directly through Office applications, or acted upon by third-party tools, just as if the content resided in SharePoint’s SQL database.

How To Download the Free DocAve Extender

AvePoint’s DocAve Extender will be available for download free of charge from the AvePoint website (www.avepoint.com/download) on March 11, 2010. After downloading the free, fully enabled 30-day trial of the full DocAve Software Platform, North American based organizations that wish to continue using DocAve Extender can call AvePoint at 1-800-661-6588 or email Sales@avepoint.com to receive their perpetual license for DocAve Extender.

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